Cognition, Wayfinding, and Other Sickness Responses Following Acute Activation of the Immune System in Aging

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to examine the impact of an acute immune challenge on cognition, including wayfinding, and other responses in aging.  The aim is to characterize acute infections in the elderly which could provide the foundation for early recognition of behavioral changes or biomarkers, leading to the identification and testing of appropriate interventions.  The primary focus is the development and/or conduct of a study designed to characterize wayfinding and other cognitive responses in elderly people experiencing an infection or an acute immune challenge. The data will be collected via videoconference and/or onsite. The data will be utilized in the development of a grant proposal.  Another focus will be the analysis of previously collected data on spatial learning and other sickness responses in aged rats following administration of intraperitoneal Lipopolysaccharide (LPS). This data will be utilized in the development of a research and/or grant proposal. A third focus is the development of a study using publicly available database to study the effects of infection on cognition.

Work Schedule

Unless there is an ongoing study schedule/protocol, days/times are negotiable. During the study, days/times are negotiable, and candidate will be on site collecting data.

Additional Notes

  • Ongoing work with IRB submission as needed
  • Assist with site presentations.
  • Conduct data collection for study of the elderly at sites located in Flint and other sites in SE Michigan including the following –
    • Administer questionnaires
    • Conduct a structured interview
    • Obtain and analyze a biological specimen
    • Conduct a virtual learning test
    • Administer a cognitive battery of tests via iPad
  • Ongoing troubleshooting issues arising from conduct of study
  • Data collection may be via videoconference and/or onsite
  • Conduct review of literature
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Assist with abstract submission
  • Assist with grant application
  • Assist with manuscript preparation
  • Assist with poster preparation
  • Assist with other research related activities
  • Develop study using publicly available database
  • Assist with project design
  • Data collection – may involve working with animal protocol

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