Recollecting Flint's Historic Southside

Project Description

The Southside Project team is looking for UM-Flint student research-assistants interested in engaging in a community-based Black history research project in Flint.

Students will assist in a collaboration between UM-Flint faculty, archivists, and students; Flint community members, the Perry Archives at the Sloan Museum, and the Geospatial Research Facility at the Great Lakes Research Center (GLRC) at Michigan Tech to collect, archive, and digitally recreate the history of the Southside neighborhood of Flint, Michigan. The Southside was one of two predominantly Black neighborhoods in Flint during the first three quarters of the 20th century. Its schools, churches, residential streets, and businesses bustled with Black cultural life during the period when federal redlining maintained strong color lines in the North.

Work Description

This project offers students the opportunity to work in public and digital humanities and to learn more about how Humanitists from UM-Flint and our partners at other institutions are working in our community. Students with a number of different skill-sets and interests are needed: digitization of photographic and documentary objects, preservation of archival materials, audio and video file management, outreach to members of the community, music recording and production, videography, database construction, graphic design, working with content management and GIS computer applications, and project management.

Work Schedule

6 hours per week to be scheduled at the beginning of each semester

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Job Detail
Job Opening ID
Fall 2021 and Winter 2022
Work could be done by someone not coming to campus (e.g., online or non-local student)
What majors can apply?
  • Arts Administration (MA)
  • Computer Science and Information Systems (MS/Certificate)
  • Educational Technology (MA)
  • English Language and Literature (MA)
  • Liberal Studies (MLS)
  • Public Administration (MPA)
  • Social Sciences (MA)
Faculty Sponsor
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Vickie Larsen
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