Temporal relations of neural activities in the auditory brain structure

Project Description

Tinnitus, a ringing noise in the ear, affects the quality of life of 15 percent or more of the adult population in the United States. While research efforts over the last two decades, there is still lack of objective and reliable diagnosis and treatment tools, largely due to limited understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying tinnitus. The proposed research project will focus on the temporal domain signal analysis of the neural activities in the auditory brain structure. Multi-channel signals from the dorsal cochlear nucleus (DCN), inferior colliculus (IC), and auditory cortex (AC) are simultaneously recorded at animals with tinnitus and the control group. A new algorithm will be developed to extract spike activities and quantify their temporal relations, including the time of responses and the amount of information transferred. Results at animals’ different states, such as baseline, after noise exposure, and after E-stimulus will be compared, thus to find a clue on how tinnitus will change the auditory pathway’s reception and transferring of the neural activities in the temporal domain.

Work Description

The student is responsible for the literature review of the research topic and to run the Matlab program with some parameter changes, and summarize the result in excel files. Student needs to be familiar with Matlab and Excel.

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