Limiting Effectiveness of Bots in Social Media

Project Description

The student will work with the advisor on modern methods for bot detection and techniques to limit their impact in social media.  This work will include design, implementation, testing, and theoretical analysis.  Additional work will include reading and summarizing related works, writing up final results, attending weekly meetings, and keeping to a schedule with weekly deliverables. Seeking a student who is interested in bringing their own ideas to the table based upon what they learn from related works in addition to working with the advisor's ideas.  

Work Description

Designing, implementing, and testing algorithms for detecting and/or limiting the effectiveness of bots in social media.

Writing theorems and proofs related to the above, such as to show their time complexity, space complexity, and correctness.  

Using game theoretical models + probability and statistics to describe social media interactions and the impacts of the procedures designed. 

Gathering data and testing solutions.

Reading and summarizing related works.

Attending weekly meetings with the advisor.

Writing scientific papers to detail results of the research work.

Requirements Description

Requires experience in SQL and strong object-oriented c++ programming experience.  Completion of CSC 575 or equivalent with an A- or better is a plus.  Experience in data-mining is a plus.  Experience in probability and statistics is a plus.  Experience in game theory is a plus.  Experience in interface design is a plus.  Experience in research work related to social social media (e.g. Twitter) is a plus.  Experience working with AI is a plus.  Classroom experience counts.  

Work Schedule

To be determined based upon student availability.  Expecting 6 hours work per week + weekly meetings with online communication with the advisor.  All project goals must be met.

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Computer Science & Computer Information Systems
Spring/Summer 2021 Only
Work could be done by someone not coming to campus (e.g., online or non-local student)
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  • Computer Science and Information Systems (MS/Certificate)
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