Modelling Swarm Behavior of Underwater Autonomous Vehicles

Project Description

This project pertains to an investigation of the use of autonomous underwater vehicles in swarms to collect data pertaining to invasive species in the Great Lakes. This work extends / complements concurrent reasearch acivities being conducted on aerial drones in swarms, by exploring the commonalites of a software model for swarm behavior in aerial and underwater domains.

This is a multi-disciplinary effort in concert with faculty and students in Biology and Mechanical Engineering, which specifically targets Lampreys. The goal of this investigation is to provide the preliminary work ( literature survey, prototyping  and model simulation) for external funding.  

Work Description

Research assistants will be require to work with faculty and students from Mechanical Engineering ( Software to Sensor/Effector Control systems) and Biology ( Eliciting requirements for the prototype) . Since this is a scientific exploration, the RAs are required to collect data and run model simulations. 

The working environment will require some level of autonomy, and assertiveness. RAs should be willing and eager to learn new concepts from the participating disciplines to inform the model of the massively parralel software system.

Requirements Description

Working knowledge of parallel systems, statistics, model theory, and Java. JAVA programming  expertise  is CRITICAL.

Work Schedule

A minimum of 10hrs " In Lab"  time per week is required  which includes a once weekly to progress report meeting of all members of the project. Daytime availability is preferred.

Additional Notes

This is an excellent opportunity for a highly curious candidate with aspirations in research.

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