Public Service Motivation Research

Project Description

There is a body of research investigating motivations for public service workers and their motivations for becoming involved in the public sector. This research, however, does not always differentiate on geography and other considerations relevant for areas such as the Greater Flint area. As such, this project looks to extend the research about public service motivation by investigating whether the major contributors to public service motivation remain true in the Flint area. 

Work Description

The GSRA on this project will work on data gathering and analysis as part of a team effort to investigate public service motivation in the Flint area. 

Requirements Description

Experience with Microsoft Office is necessary. Experience with Dropbox, Google Drive, statistical software (SPSS or STATA) and survey tools (Qualtrics) is preferred, but not necessary. 

Work Schedule

The student and supervisor will work out a mutually agreeable schedule with appropriate deadlines. Some of the work can be done independently and remotely. 

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Public Administration
Winter 2021 Only
Work could be done by someone not coming to campus (e.g., online or non-local student)
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  • Public Administration (MPA)
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Kimberly Saks McManaway
Public Administration
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