Quantification of Physiological Recovery in Patients with concussion

Project Description

This project aims to quantify autonomic dysfunction after sport-related concussion by examining heart rate, heart rate variability, and orthrostatic findings in response to rest and exercises after sport-related concussion. During this project, patients with concussion will be fitted with a chest-worn heart rate monitor (Polar device), wrist-worn watch (i.e. iWatch), and other wearables as applicable. Participant’s data will be monitored in response to exercise and rest.

Work Description

Selected applicant will work with Dr. Bara Alsalaheen, PT, PhD and an interdisciplinary team of sports neurologists, physiatrists, athletic trainers and physical therapists. The selected applicant will participate in various research tasks such as recruiting participants, completing the informed consent, data entry from research devices and retrieval of data from an electronic health record, data processing and analysis,  and dissemination of research findings. They will also be responsible for maintaining confidential research records of study participants. Selected applicants will participate in other miscellaneous research tasks as needed.

Requirements Description

Applicants to this position must:

Be a graduate student at the University of Michigan-Flint with good academic standing.

Be dependable and resilient.

Be Familiar with basic clinical interactions with patients

Have a driver's license and must be willing to drive occasionally to the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor. (Mileage and parking expenses are 100% reimbursed)

Although not required the following items are preferred:

Be competent in data entry and data analysis using SPSS software.

Have previous experience in research as evidenced by peer-reviewed poster or platform presentations or peer-reviewed publications, and must submit a writing sample at the time if the interview

Completed the PEERS training course required for GSRA’s by the time of the interview. (http://my.research.umich.edu/peerrs/)


Work Schedule

The work schedule varies based on the clinic schedule. For the right candidate, accommodations can be made to fit the class schedule. Many of the research tasks can be done electronically and off-campus.

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