Medication Administration

Project Description

Medication administration is integrated throughout nursing programs, however, it remains one of the most difficult skills for students to master. Current evidence suggests the use of simulation in combination with deliberate practice (DP) and debriefing can improve knowledge, skills and patient safety, which may generalize to the clinical environment.

The purpose of this project is to explore the effectiveness of an enhanced medication administration (MA) simulation bundle that includes the use of virtual simulation based learning experiences (V-SBLEs) for DP compared to traditional case studies for DP on safe MA knowledge, self-confidence & self-efficacy, student performance, and long-term skill retention in undergraduate nursing students.

A quasi-experimental approach with a pre-post design will be used to evaluate the use of two different strategies to improve MA performance: (1) enhanced multi-phased MA simulation bundle that includes V-SBLE versus (2) traditional multiphase MA simulation bundle that includes case studies. This project will be completed in two phases. Phase I will consist of three stages: (a) provision of basic MA safety training through pre-assigned readings and MA skill sessions and (b) randomization of students to one of two groups: enhanced medication simulation bundle including V-SBLE or traditional medication simulation bundle including case studies, and (c) participation of all students in a follow up MA simulation. Phase II will include a refresher MA video with facilitated debriefing and a follow up MA simulation.

Work Description

The primary role of the GRSA will be to organize and sort through the data. Request is to have data presented in a professional manner that is easy to read and understand. Data will consist of quantitative survey results and qualitative reflection results.

Requirements Description

Some experience reviewing data and use of excel spreadsheets.

Work Schedule

Woek can be completed at home with regular check in's to evaluate progress. A total of 6 hours per week is the estimated time commitment.

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