The 10 Commandments of Cultural Competance & Vaping

Project Description

Drafting and submitting a manuscript for publication at the Journal of Transcultural Nursing based on previously developed work related to cultural Competence

Developing a power point and possibly a manuscript about the detrimental health effects of vaping and/or other health care issue

Miscellaneous short editorial assignments and review of the literature requiring knowledfge of APA 7th edition 

Student's name may be added as co-author or will be acknowledged in presentation/publication based on level of contribution 

Work Description

Work will consist of meeting with faculty, drafting case scenarios, acting as a simulated standardized patient, conducting review of the literature, drafting abstracts and contributing to development of power point and manuscript. GSRA will be offered opportunity to co-author manuscript and co-present at a national conference. Faculty will not cover travel costs but direct GSRA to potential funding sources.

Requirements Description

Proximity to campus for occasional meetings on campus especially during video production days

Work Schedule

Flexible schedule with an average of one day/6 hours a week; may or may not recquire occasional travel to/presence on campus

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Nursing (School of)
Winter 2021 Only
Work could be done by someone not coming to campus (e.g., online or non-local student)
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  • Nursing (MSN/DNP/Certificate)
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Hiba Wehbe Alamah
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