Researching steps students can take prepare for or start a career as an entrepreneur

Project Description

Researching among other things

How to network while as student

The best universities for studying entrepreneurs

What specific topics in a given class will provide the most value

How to find an instructor as a mentor

Strategies for starting ventures that meet the needs of busy cash starved students.

Work Description

Collecting examples relating to specfic topics of college entrepreneurs and new ventures started while in college

Researching entrepreneurial programs

Researching funding sources that are especially accessible for young entrepreneurs.

Possible proofreading.

I ALSO suspect I will be asking for help on other research projects than this one. 


Requirements Description

Self starting, reliable, good communicator etc.,   On top of that flexible. 

Work Schedule

They will need to be available for virtual meetings with me once a week.

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Work could be done by someone not coming to campus (e.g., online or non-local student)
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