Maternal and child health

Project Description

The study investigates how factors such as educational attainment, birth status, parental involvement, and health behaviors influence the health of children. For example, the study focuses on the influence of premature birth on chronic conditions of children aged 7 to 18 years. The interrelationship between the health of the mother and child are studied. 

Work Description

The work consists of literature reviews, writing, data entry, analysis, and other aspects of research studies. Knowledge of SPSS is preferred but not required. Excellent writing abilities are necessary.

Work Schedule

The schedule is flexible. Students should be available to work on campus as needed.

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Job ID: 169751
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Job Detail
Job Opening ID
Public Health and Health Sciences
Fall 2019 and Winter 2020
Work could be done by someone not coming to campus (e.g., online or non-local student)
What majors can apply?
  • Early Childhood Education (MA)
  • Education (Ed.D./Ed.S.)
  • Physical Therapy (entry-level DPT)
  • Physical Therapy (post-professional DPT/Ph.D.)
  • Public Administration (MPA)
  • Public Health (MPH)
  • Social Sciences (MA)
Faculty Sponsor
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Gergana Kodjebacheva
Public Health and Health Sciences
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