What are the common factors related to the rising African American maternal morbidity/mortality rates in the U.S.

Project Description

The project will begin by first reviewing/assessing recent publications concerning the rising morbidity/mortality(M/M) rates of the U.S. as compared to other industrialized countries. The African American (AA)  M/M rate will be specifically teased out of the overall U.S. rate due to it's increased numbers. Additionally an analysis of the findings will be listed along with recommendations for improvement. 

After review of the present data, a qualitative study will be initiated to directly inquire pregnant and recently pregant African American women direct prenatal experiences and their ideas of what is sufficient and non sufficient with the present status of Prenatal care in the U.S. 

Work Schedule

Initially meeting at least 1-2X per week. Meetings may be on line and via phone. 

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