Knowledge Translation in Physical Therapy Practice

Project Description

Rehabilitation research evidence generated today may take over 17 years to be implemented into clinical practice.  Numerous barriers, including lack of access to evidence and the inability to critically evaluate the literature, exist to incorporating evidence into rehabilitation practice.  Knowledge translation  (KT) is the process that includes the synthesis, dissemination, exchange, and ethically sound application of knowledge to improve health, provide more effective health services and products, and strengthen the health care system. (Straus et al). Use of a KT process may help promote earlier implementation of the evidence.

This project will utilize the Knowledge to Action cycle to work specifically on incorporating evidence based practice into a neurological physical therapy clinic.  In general, the student will work with me and the clinic to identify the problem; adapt knowledge to local context; assess barriers/facilitators to knowledge use; select, tailor, and implement interventions; monitor knowledge use; evaluate outcomes; and work on sustaining knowledge use. 

Work Description

Student will be able to provide support to the KT project including but not limited to:  (1) Coordinate calendars and schedule meetings for research activities and teaching. (2) Develop, organize and disseminate marketing, publicity, outreach and related materials in support of approved research activities (3) Provide data entry for approved research activities. (4) Transcribe, edit, copy and collate documents in support of faculty teaching, service, and research. (5)  Organize and maintain research and/or professional service files.

Proficiency with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and email.  Stated personal desire to be an integral part of a productive team.  Reliable person with the ability to compete assignments in a timely manner with appropriate supervision.

Requirements Description

Current DPT student (entry level or postprofessional)

Must flourish in an environment that is highly flexible, collaborative, and requires a high degree of self-motivation.

Work Schedule

Six hours/week, able to commit to meeting one time/week

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Physical Therapy
Fall 2019 and Winter 2020
Work could be done by someone not coming to campus (e.g., online or non-local student)
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  • Physical Therapy (entry-level DPT)
  • Physical Therapy (post-professional DPT/Ph.D.)
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Amy Yorke
Physical Therapy
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