The Novel in African Languages: Translation of Selected African Classics into English

Project Description

The novel in African languages pre-dated European advent in Africa. I had completed research and produced a book manuscript  titled "A Literary History of the Novel in African Languages: The Evolution and Development of the Igbo Novel--1857-2015." (250pp). The manuscript is being reviewed by Rutledge Publishers for publication. As part of the research, I translated the first novel in Igbo language--Omenuko  written by Pita Nwana and published in London by Longmans Publishers in 1933, to illustrate both the art of the  Igbo novel, and  the trends of its development  from the oral antecedents to the emergence of the novel. The present research will  focus on two other  pioneer Igbo novelists---D.N. Achara and Leopold Bell-Gam who were Pita Nwana's contemporaries. The first part of the research will be a  translation of their individual novels-- Ala Bingo by  Achara and  Ije Odumodu Jere by Bell-Gam  into English,  followed by  a literary analysis whose final outcome would be the production of a book which will be a sequel  to A Literary History of the Novel.....   

Work Schedule

The schedule of the research falls into two semesters--Fall 2019, for the translation of the two novels into English, and the typing of the manuscript; Winter 2020-- literary analysis of the two novels, and the contributions of Achara and Bell-Gam in the development of the Igbo Novel, and the place in the literary history of the Igbo Novel. The Research Assistant will be required to wprk six hours a week---essentially typing, organizing  materials, and proof-reading the manuscript from  beginning to conclusion. 

Additional Notes

Prospective candidates should have  good typing skills, be computer literate, and competent at proof-reading manuscripts to ensure the manuscript is error--free.The hours will be flexible taking into consideration the candidate's other  commitments. The required six hours a week can be spread out as suits the Research Assistant. The work will be done on campus ---French Hall 346 --under my supervision.

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Fall 2019 and Winter 2020
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