Vehicle City Voices and the Ethical Urban Living Project

Project Description

The GSRA for this position will support two projects, the Vehicle City Voices Corpus and the Ethical
Urban Living Project, both of which focus on promoting stories about life in the city of Flint and
improving the quality of life in urban spaces.

More information about the Vehicle City Voices Project can be found at:

More information about the Ethical Urban Living Project can be found on the CCN website:

Work Description

The GSRA will:

  • Transcribe and correct transcripts of interviews from the Vehicle City Voices Corpus about life inthe city of Flint
  • Help conduct additional interviews with Flint residents about their experiences growing up in and/or living in the city of Flint (for the Vehicle City Voices project) and collect information (i.e. demographic information, interviews, and photographs) to showcase organizations that are improving the quality of life of residents in the city of Flint (for the Ethical Urban Living Project)
  • Assist with establishing the Vehicle City Voices archive at the UM-Flint library. This includes acquiring photographs, gathering supplemental information from the library and the Genesee Historical Collections Center about life in Flint, and integrating this information with relevant interviews already collected for the Vehicle City Voices project.

Work Schedule

The GSRA is not required to work a fixed schedule as tasks may vary, but they should be prepared to particpate in off-campus interviews, visit historical archives on campus or in the community, or transribe interviews from their home or campus computer.

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Fall 2019 and Spring/Summer 2020
Work could be done by someone not coming to campus (e.g., online or non-local student)
What majors can apply?
  • Applied Communication (MA)
  • English Language and Literature (MA)
  • Liberal Studies (MLS)
  • Social Sciences (MA)
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Erica Britt
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