Applied Communications

Project Description

GSRA's will be able to select among the following 4 types of marketing and communications projects, to suit their personal learning goals and to advance their research skills and application of these skills to a contemporary work environment.

• Website Audits. Department websites are an essential part of student recruitment. All CAS websites should meet minimum standards for information provided, organization, and upkeep. A GSRA could assist both in an in-depth audit of websites and implementation of updated content strategy. This may be especially important when considering changes to CAS like the new advising structure, DegreeWorks, and other retention-focused initiatives.

• K-12 Contacts. CAS is beginning a new effort to capture and utilize K-12 contacts on campus. These contacts are being collected into a database housed in the CAS Dean’s Office and the information will be used to promote events (e.g., summer camps), market new student opportunities (e.g., STEM Open House), and give Admissions new leads for student contacts. A GSRA would be extremely beneficial in building this database and identifying its many uses for CAS and in creating a communication plan to reach out to database contacts for pertinent events (summer camps/programs, open houses, family events, discipline competitions, etc.) 

• Marketing Materials. UM-Flint is entering a new branding phase this spring that will feature students photographed during multiple activities (work, research, classwork, leisure time). A GSRA would work with departments to identify and contact suitable students, set up photo shoots between students and UREL, and capture student stories in interviews. This would could also extend to alumni. Gathered testimonials are useful not only for university-level marketing, but CAS materials and department materials and websites. 

• Database & System Development. Developing databases to “track” faculty progression (reviews, sabbaticals) as well as faculty performance (annual reviews, annual reports, courseval data, publications).

Work Description

The GSRA can focus on his/her specific area of study from among the 4 available projects and will be expected to identify desired outcomes, implement their specific plan, and track results. Depending on the project, s/he will conduct an environmental scan using a SWOT analysis, establish measurable goals, use Google Analytics to track progress, engage in internet and library research on best practices in website design or database management, conduct interviews, create and publish content, complete data collection/entry, analyze data, and complete other research duties as assigned.

Requirements Description

Active enrollment in the MA Applied Communications or MS-CSIS Programs.

Expertise working in website design, database management, google analytics, or marketing is preferred, to provide the best possible learning experience to the student.

Work Schedule

We are quite flexible with work hours within the broad range of 8am-6pm EST.  We recognize that the MA Applied Communication students are in an online program and we are fully prepared to work with students via skype, BlueJeans conferencing, etc., if they happen not to be local students.

Additional Notes

Graduate students in the MA-Applied Communications(preferrred) or MS-CSIS programs will be considered for this GSRA position, working in the CAS Dean's Office alongside the College's Communications Specialist.


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Winter 2018 and Spring/Summer 2018
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