Improving Student Performance using Data Mining Methods

Project Description

In this project, we will study the related work for Educational Data Mining and propose a new method to improve the students' performance. We will collect data, analyze data, design algorithm then predict the performance. We will implement the new method and compare the results with the current methods.

Work Description

The GSRA is responsible for the following:

  • Finding recent research papers for the specified topic.
  • Summerize the related work as text and table.
  • Write the algorithm for data mining simulator.
  • Implement the method.
  • Compare the result with the previous algorithms.

Requirements Description

The GSRA should have good knowledge in:

  • Data mining software such as WEKA or R.
  • Statistic analysis.
  • Database.
  • Research methods 

Work Schedule

We will start the work in Fall 2017 by studying the related work.

In Winter 2018, we will start to collect the data and design the proposed method.

After that, we will compare the proposed method results with the current methods results.

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Computer Science & Computer Information Systems
Fall 2017 and Winter 2018
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  • Computer Science and Information Systems (MS)
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Amal Alhosban
Computer Science & Computer Information Systems
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