Core Community CompStat Project

Project Description

Project Description:

Core Community Compstat is an initiative led by the University of Michigan-Flint Department of Public Safety (DPS), in partnership with local and state police agencies and community organizations, as an effort to proactively address and deter crime. Compstat is a performance management system utilized by law enforcement agencies nationwide that emphasizes information-sharing, responsibility and accountability, and improved effectiveness. It focuses on four core components:

  • Timely and accurate information and intelligence
  • Rapid deployment of resources
  • Effective tactics
  • Committed follow-up


Each of the specific efforts conducted under the Core Community Compstat initiative include program outcomes and assessment measures. The Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA) would assist in the gathering and processing assessment data.


The selected candidate will have the opportunity to co-author publications and reports, work closely with a wide array of community members, partners, and stakeholders, and make a significant difference in the City of Flint and beyond.

Work Description

Work Description:

The GSRA will operate under the direction of the Director of Public Safety and the project’s lead officer. Specific duties may include:

  • Literature reviews and/or review of best practices
  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data (including analysis of crime trends and measurement of blight reduction)
  • Data entry
  • Data collection
  • Other research duties as assigned.
  • Coordination of CompStat meetings


The selected candidate will also work closely with other area law enforcement professionals, the Urban Safety Corps Team and the University Avenue Corridor Coalition.

Requirements Description

Special Requirements:

The ideal candidate should:

  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office software programs
  • Have experience with database use and management
  • Be able to work independently and proactively.
  • Have experience and/ or be comfortable working in collaborative teams.
  • Demonstrate exceptional interpersonal skills.

Work Schedule

Work Schedule

The selected candidate will meet regularly with the Director of DPS and/or the project’s lead officer and should be able to attend monthly meetings; otherwise the work schedule is largely flexible.


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