Benefit Corporations Survey

Project Description

Francine Cullari, MA, MBA, JD and Thomas Hemphill, PhD in the School of Management-Flint have written a combined three articles on "bemefit corporations" (B corps), a new breed of for-profit corporations in the U.S. and abroad.  The original B corporations have been in existence 10 years or so.  No survey of the businesses relating to their B corporation status has been conducted.  The researchers have developed a survey and are working with "B Lab" to distribute the survey to almost 1,000 companies.



Work Description

The graduate student(s) would gather the survey results and statistically analyze the results.  They could also be involved in writing the article which will present the findings.  They would be acknowledged in the article.

Requirements Description

The students must be familiar with statistical analyses tools to determine the significance of various responses.

Work Schedule

The students should be available three - four hours a week, with a schedule to be developed with the researchers.

Additional Notes

The work is particularly suited to someone who likes to work with numbers and who can write summaries of statistics results.  The students will learn quite a bit about one special form of corporation, which is rapidly developing in the U.S. and other countries.

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Winter 2018 and Spring/Summer 2018
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